The Fruitful Fruitlessness of the Southview Theological Society

31 Dec

We were young and freshly graduated from college, all of us except for me, that is, when the Southview Theological Society was formed. Aspiring to the ministry, we had already been gathering around the wood burning stove in Brian’s garage to talk theology. He lived on Southview street, and so we named ourselves accordingly. It was decided that we would explore a topic, each write a paper and present it, the first topic being the sovereignty of God. I don’t know if Brian and Andy ever finished, but I still have my unfinished paper on my old computer.


The Southview Theological Society never really took roots, but our friendship did. Roots that would stretch down deep and grow strong over the years. Andy moved away and got married. Both he and Brian ended up in at Southern seminary in Louisville before becoming pastors in churches in that region. I eventually moved to Spain. But, despite the distance of miles and time between us, we remained close. The seeds that were planted in our little theological dreams became something much greater–a lasting brotherhood.

Of course, we were already friends, really close friends actually, when we formed our theological society. But as I’ve learned in the years since, there are few friendships that endure the test of time. They have prayed with me and for me in both the best and most difficult times of my life, and continue to do so. So, even though the Southview Theological Society didn’t make me a great theologian, at least not in any professional sense, it was an integral part of the friendship that has grown into something that few people, sadly, ever experience in this life, a community. A place to belong. A place to be known and loved, loved and known.

This blog is very much the fruit of that community, and for that I am thankful.


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