Are You Pro-Gay?

11 Jan

In the heat of all the Louie Giglio anti-gay hoopla that has gone down lately, one local pastor whom I admire greatly came out as “pro-gay.” You can read his facebook post below:

“Well it’s time to go public. I am zealously pro-gay! 

I am for gays because like me they are made in the image of God. Because of this I have gladly enjoyed the company, the friendship and good dialogue with those in the LGBTQ community. I am for friendship with gays.

I am for gays because I believe they have equality. They are equally under the wrath of God along with adulterers, fornicators, liars, the greedy. They are equal to me and every other sinner. Equally in trouble!

I am for gays because I believe in repentance. I believe that God has commanded all men everywhere to repent. He could have ushered us all straight into hell but instead He is giving all men time to turn from their sin. I am for giving every sinner (including gays) the opportunity to repent.

I am for gays because I believe in grace. I believe grace is NOT leaving people to follow unnatural passions that insult God, wound their bodies, and defile their souls. I believe grace is giving forgiveness and power to change to everyone who is in bondage. I believe that grace is found in Jesus Christ who died for gays, straights, and every other kind of sinner when He hung on a Cross to pay the death penalty that all sinners deserve. I want everyone I know to come to know His grace.

I am pro-gay because I refuse to say the gospel is not a message about homosexuality. It IS a message about homosexuality. Homosexuality is not a distraction from the gospel. Homosexuality, along with greed, fornication, idolatry and deception is one of the sins the gospel confronts, and offers to save people from. The current political situation with Louie Giglio is not a distraction from the gospel it is a gospel opportunity. An opportunity to advance the pro-gay cause.

I am pro-gay because I believe that the future of gays does not have to be the future of Sodom and Gomorrah. The future of all gays does not need to be the wrath of God it can instead be a future in the New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem is the home town of grace. From the New Jerusalem the grace and mercy flows out to wicked men like the wicked men of Westboro Baptist Church and it flows out to the wicked men in the Bath Houses of San Francisco. From the New Jerusalem grace and mercy is extended to wicked legalistic Christian families and to the gay families who make up ‘the New Normal’. All of these perversions are forgiven, cleansed, and forgotten when a person comes to Jesus the King of the New Jerusalem.

Like I said, I am zealously pro-gay!”

What do you think about this kind of “pro-gay” approach? Is it a helpful way to engage the issue?


3 Responses to “Are You Pro-Gay?”

  1. Brian W Johnson January 11, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    Andy, I think your approach is good. Framing the gospel in this manner will hopefully defuse some reactionary tendencies with a hot topic. Your post is very timely for Christians to consider how we are going to handle the hostility levied during these time. The gospel of grace is free. We must repent and believe that Jesus is the Christ. Thanks for the post.

  2. Mike Gorski January 12, 2013 at 9:21 pm #

    I am pro-pro-gay. Or, is it pro (pro-gay)? Anyway, I think this approach is helpful because it distinguishes clearly between the Gospel and good morals. Homosexuals need to repent of their homosexuality, for sure, but they need to repent of all their sin. Also, it reinforces the fact that the gospel is for all sinners, not just for those on the fringes (or what used to be the fringes) of our western moral compass.

    This is an issue that will be increasingly important in the church, and one which we need to address with wisdom and grace. Thanks for sharing, Andy!

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